Read and Display Events from APC PowerChute 3.x Logs
Application Version 1.825

Now Supports Export results to Excel

I wrote this to display APC PowerChute Event Log file for my APC 1500BX(XS 1500)
After publishing this decoder, from samples people have tried,
there appears to be at least 3 APC UPS PowerChute log file formats.
With help from others I have been able to expand the event decoding, the 1.81 decodes error codes for power save mode.

The standard PowerChute file is "eventlog.dat".
It is found in "\Program Files\APC\PowerChute Personal Edition\ "
    For 64 bit OS it is "\Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute Personal Edition\ "

If you can help with which decoder works with what PowerChute Version or APC UPS please post on my blog.
Using APC Back-UPS XS1500


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