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Test Your Internet Performance –> SpeakEasy Network Speed Test

Secure Live HelpDesk

For onetime Quick LIve HelpDesk support -> One Time User Support
At the Run-Open just select Run and at the security screen select Run.
Admin access -> One Time Admin


Internet Email sound to good or Strange?  Is it a Real story or Just a Legend, Check:
Urban Legends (
or Legends

For tips and recommendations on your home computer security check out Comparitech Home.

WEB Site Building Tips

How to have people contact you, first do not put E-mail address on your site, use a form. Spammers have tools that scan web pages for email addresses, they also find the hidden one email addresses.

How to improve your sites search engine rating

PC Build Tips and Generic Tools

After loading or rebuilding a PC with Windows, there is a nice web site to install the normal free tools.
They have a free install and update and two levels of automation. Look at Ninite by Secure By Design Inc.

Contact Information

Contact Seltron  Sales

1. Reference other web sites and have them reference you.

WebSite Payment Options

(Credit Card)